Recoil Mitigation & Management

Conversion Technologies development of the R2™ recoil mitigation device for large caliber shoulder fired weapons brought the idea of controllable, accuracy enhanced, and operator safe weapons to reality. Strategically partnered with McMillan Rifle Company, a new era of weaponry was produced that will have far reaching impact on battlefields and tactics for many years to come.

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UAV Armament

To weaponize a micro UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and to enhance survivability and lethality of US and Allied troops on the battlefield. The AMUAV (Armed Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) will be comprised of two distinct platforms; Rotary Winged Armed Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (RWAMUAV) and the Fixed Wing Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (FWAMUAV), each with different capabilities and uses on the battlefield.

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Cleaning Patches

Modern Weaponry with its unparalleled advancements in technology and its ever increasing sophistication of materials and design requires the same level of material and innovation in the cleaning and maintenance of those designs. BoreTex accomplishes that goal with the introduction of materials that are engineered to be the most efficient and effective method ever applied to this specialized task.

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About Us

Conversion Technologies creates products for the Firearms Industry that are at the forefront of innovation and technology. We focus our energy and efforts towards the relationship between diverse cutting edge methods, products and research and their possible application to this industry.Those efforts have continually kept us on a path that has created solutions and products that are unique. To that end we have dedicated ourselves to the betterment of these new solutions both now and into the future through our commitment to constant research and the continual quest for the highest practical technology along with the most innovative applications for its use.