Modern Weaponry with its unparalleled advancements in technology and its ever increasing sophistication of materials and design requires the same level of material and innovation in the cleaning and maintenance of those designs. BoreTex accomplishes that goal with the introduction of materials that are engineered to be the most efficient and effective method ever applied to this specialized task.

Each product here was selected for its own unique characteristics yet all share the same overall features of technical efficiency, scrubbing and polishing ability , low lint, high absorbency, compatibility with aggressive solvents and tremendous wet strength. These attributes make the BoreTex cleaning materials a standout, unique to this category of bore maintenance. Nothing else comes close.



Large Bore Patches

Boretex MS Cleaning Patch


♦ Ultra high absorbency ultrasonically sealed edge
♦ Two ply
♦ 100% continuous filament knit fabric
♦ Highly abrasion resistant
♦ Chemically compatible with most cleaning solvents
♦ Textured surface aids in residue removal
♦ 9x9 100 per pack
♦ 12x12 50 per pack

Boretex PW880 Cleaning Patch


♦ Thermally bonded
♦ Multi-layer
♦ Non-woven
♦ Composed of multiple layers of 100% poly
♦ Quilted construction
♦ High loft
♦ Highly absorbent
♦ Compatible with most cleaning solvents
♦ Very low lint and particle generation
♦ Designed to remove acids and etchants
♦ 8x10 100 per pack
♦ 12x12 100 per pack

Boretex PJX 700 Cleaning Patch


♦ Creped cellulose (poly nonwoven 55% cellulose and 45% poly)
♦ Highly absorbent
♦ Abrasion resistant
♦ Chemically tolerant
♦ Creped for high absorbency to weight ratio
♦ High wet strength
♦ Durable
♦ 55% cellulose is biodegradable
♦ 9x9 200 per pack
♦ 12x12 150 per pack

Boretex VC Cleaning Patch


♦ Hydroentangled rayon/polyester
♦ Nonwoven
♦ Exceptional absorbency and durability
♦ Low Lint
♦ High wet strength
♦ Chemically compatible with most cleaning solutions
♦ 9x9 300 per pack
♦ 12x12 150 per pack

Boretex EC 60 Cleaning Patch


♦ 100% non-woven cotton
♦ Bio-degradable
♦ High strength
♦ Low lint
♦ Heat resistant
♦ Highly absorbable
♦ Resists build up of static charge
♦ 9x9 300 sheets pack
♦ 12x12 150 sheets pack

Boretex PW 750 Cleaning Patch


♦ Thermally bonded
♦ Multi-layer composite
♦ Nonwoven composed of a layer of cellulose bonded between two outer layers of polypropylene
♦ Exceptional strength, absorbency and chemical resistance to strong solvents including acids
♦ High absorbency to weight ratio
♦ Chemically compatible with standard cleaning solvents
♦ 40% cellulose fiber content is biodegradeable.
♦ 9x9 150 sheets
♦ 12x12 75 sheets



Small Bore Patches

Boretex 100% Cotton Twill Cleaning Patch

BORETEX 100% Cotton Twill

♦ Aggressive Scrubbing Action & Less Lint
♦ Strong and tough
♦ Long fiber cotton and a twill weave create a “hard” finish with plenty of criss-crossed, woven fiber “teeth” that removes heavy fouling while remaining harmless to the bore.
♦ Lint is virtually eliminated; you can apply oil in action recesses without leaving patch fuzz behind. Excellent for cold blue applications.
♦ The twill weave acts as an aggressive scrubbing surface while gathering and holding within the twill recesses, abrasive and potentially damaging particles and residue.
♦ A specialized cotton twill used in semi-conductor and scientific lab environments selected for its low particulates and toughness.
♦ The strong twill weave prevents unraveling. Completely Inert and non-reactive to solvents.
♦ Sizes are smaller since patches are thicker.

Boretex Micro Fiber Cleaning Patch

BORETEX Micro Fiber

  • Super Absorbent, Twill Pattern Improves Cleaning Efficiency
  • Stronger when wet feature makes it as tough as woven materials
  • Polishes the bore bright
  • Lint free blend of non-woven cotton and cellulose material quickly gets bore and actions clean without leaving strings, fuzz and fibers behind.
  • Features an embossed, deep twill pattern for improved scrubbing power.
  • Super absorbent, with a special treatment that holds plenty of solvent for fast, efficient cleaning.
  • Captures wad fouling and powder crud then carries it out the bore.
  • High volume shooters will appreciate the greatly reduced effort necessary to remove heavy copper fouling.
  • Very effective for removing carbon accumulation in blackpowder rifles.
  • SPECS: Cotton cellulose blend, white.
Boretex Crosslock Cleaning Patch

BORETEX Crosslock

  • Two Textures In One Patch For Aggressive Scrubbing Or Application Of Solvents & Oils
  • Economically priced
  • Extra-tough, heavy duty patches with a cross-locking coarse weave on one side for aggressive removal of copper, plastic wad, lead and powder fouling, plus a smooth, flat weave on the other side to apply solvents or oils onto the lands and grooves.
  • Made from a lint-free, super-absorbent blend of cotton and cellulosic fibers that hold more solvent and absorb more fouling than traditional patches.
  • Sized for most calibers, from .22 centerfire to 12 gauge shotguns.
  • Meets the need for performance while priced for a budget.
Boretex Cable Pull System Cleaning Patch

BORETEX Cable Pull Cleaning System

  • The same patches used in the popular compact cable-style cleaning system.

  • Pre-slotted to fit loop-style rod tip.
  • Each patch can be varied in size by pinching at the various slots.
  • Made from our same cotton twill for toughness and thorough cleaning ability.