Conversion Technologies development of the R2™ recoil mitigation device for large caliber shoulder fired weapons brought the idea of controllable, accuracy enhanced, and operator safe weapons to reality. Strategically partnered with McMillan Rifle Company,  a new era of weaponry was produced that will have far reaching impact on battlefields and tactics for many years to come.


“This weapon with the R2™ device fundamentally changes the 50 caliber sniper rifle.
It is a whole new ballgame.”


Rob Furlong

Longest shot in recorded military history

Canadian Army, Afghanistan




There is a specific need in the defense community to reduce the recoil and vibration effects of long range sniper systems.  Large caliber, high velocity, shoulder-fired weapon systems are characterized by extreme recoil forces and shock vibrations that have historically been transmitted to and absorbed by the shooter.  These recoil levels limit the shooter’s ability to train effectively and stay in visual contact with the target from shot to shot.



Conversion Technologies, partnered with the McMillan Group International, has developed a recoil mitigating device called the Tac-50R2™ that has proven to reduce the recoil of the Mk-15 .50 Caliber Special Application Sniper Rifle by 93% with no affect on weapon accuracy.  As a result of reduced recoil, the greatly reduced physical effects on the shooter serve to improve the accuracy of the system as a whole.


The R2™ is a mechanical device designed to replace the current Mk-15 coupler.  It does not contain any hazardous, volatile, or HERO sensitive material.


In order to assist the iterative process of “test-analyze-design-fabricate-test”, Conversion Technologies has developed a baseline recoil testing procedure and data collection system.  Our testing system uses a load cell sensor and accelerometer to determine the amount of force that a weapon generates when fired.


In conjunction with our own testing, we have worked directly with the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) to set a standard so that the weapon can be tested by 3rd party organizations or government entities.  Canadian test results parallel our findings. The Canadian subjective user trial concluded that operators felt an average of 60% reduction from a standard suppressed Tac-50.


Results of testing with the Tac-50R2™ to date have shown;

♦  Pound-force data indicates a 93% reduction in peak recoil force
♦ Canadian user trial found that operators felt an average of 60% reduction from a standard suppressed  Tac-50
♦ Drastic increase in target re-acquisition time from shot-to-shot
♦ Capable of firing more rounds without fatigue
♦ Device is consistent from shot-to-shot
♦ Mitigates potential long-term health risks. (i.e. cranial trauma, retinal damage, spinal compression, soft tissue damage, and conductive hearing loss.)

This technology is applicable to shoulder-fired weapons platforms and heavy weapon mounts of similar design.  A scaled version of this device could be developed for the 300 Winchester Magnum Sniper Rifle, Precision Sniper Rifle, and any other rifle or carbine with excessive recoil forces that have proven detrimental to either the shooter or accessories.